What Is Diamond Cutting?

Diamond Cutting is a unique process which utilises a dedicated accurate lathe and a diamond tipped tool, to machine a smooth bare metal area on the face of a wheel, that can encompass all or a part of the overall design, to create a stunning effect.

The lathe allows us to machine both complex and awkward shapes and surfaces, on even the most intricate of castings. A detailed description of the process involved, can be found in the Common Questions section below. If you are after a quote, or for any further information on this service, please call or email us.

Common Questions

We receive frequent enquiries about Diamond Cutting. Here are some common questions, we’re often asked by our customers. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for below, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All wheels are chemically stripped and blasted as per our wheel refurbishment stage. They are then primed and coated with the chosen colour. Once cool, the wheels are then placed onto our CNC machine and cut. The wheels are then lacquered for protection.

We aim to complete all wheels within 2-3 days. At peak times this may vary. Depending on the condition of your wheels, if they have sustained any previous damage to the rims or face, the design of the wheels and the casting, as well as how they are to be machined, will to a large extent dictate how long the whole process takes. We will advise you of the timescale involved, once we have had a chance to inspect your wheels and assess them, as well as taking into account your specific requirements.

Prices start at £65.00 + VAT per wheel, up to 22″ in diameter, thereafter the price is £70.00 + VAT per wheel.

You can bring your wheels to us with or without the tyres fitted. We can, in any instance, remove your tyres before your wheels go through the diamond cutting process. Once completed, we will refit your tyres and rebalance your wheels. We will try to place any balance weights required in a discrete position, so as to preserve the aesthetics of your wheels.

As the diamond cutting process involves removing a thin layer from the alloy surface, this can only be carried out one or two times before the structural integrity of the wheel is compromised and weakened. We would advise against cutting a wheel more than twice, also certain types of wheel may not lend themselves to being re-cut. If you are in any doubt, please contact us for further advice.