The Process

We use a state-of-the-art, hydraulically assisted wheel straightening rig. This together with the experience and skill of our staff enables us to straighten and repair damaged wheels. The rig features hydraulic rams, which then press out any bends in the heated and thereby softened metal structure. The wheel is first placed on a rack within the wheel straightening rig, which centres the wheel. The wheel shape is then measured with a dial gauge to identify the location of any deformed areas. The operator then uses their skill to determine the correct balance of heat and pressure required, to transform the wheel back to its correct shape.

The process of heating the wheel in the spot to be repaired, softens the metal and makes it much less likely that the alloy will crack under the pressure required to straighten the bend. Once the wheel is straightened the alloy must be heat treated once again in order to strengthen it, as the heat and forces involved in the straightening process, change the molecular structure of the wheel. This is less critical on steel wheels, though these too can be repaired in a similar fashion.

Common Questions

We receive frequent enquiries about Wheel Straightening. Here are some common questions, we’re often asked by our customers. If you would like more information on this or any of our other services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

This depends on the material the wheel is made of and the level of damage it has sustained. We will assess upon inspection, whether we believe a repair is a viable option. In many cases, even badly damaged or dented rims can be salvaged but each wheel is different and has to be appraised individually. We cannot undertake repairs to carbon fibre wheels, thin-walled steel-rimmed spoked wheels or magnesium wheels. If your wheels are of a steel or alloy construction, be they for a car or motorcycle, we advise you to bring them into our premises where we can inspect them as to their suitability for repair.

Prices start from just £40.00 + VAT per wheel. The price charged will vary according to the complexity of the work involved, ostensibly the time it takes to effect any repair, which will be dictated by the extent of existing damage to the wheel.

Under normal circumstances and depending on staff shift patterns, we can normally repair a wheel in approximately six hours. If you require cosmetic work to be undertaken following a repair, this will add to the time that we will require your wheel and will be at an additional cost, depending on the work you want carried out, for example powder coating.