Our Service

We often come across components that may require some remedial repair. Often this would involve having to entrust the part to an engineering company to weld the affected area and make it structurally sound or cosmetically corrected once more. In order to avoid this issue, we can now offer a full welding service in house, with the aid of our skilled staff.

We can weld almost any metal utilizing one of the following appropriate methods:

  • MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding
  • SMA (Shielded Metal Arc) Welding
  • TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) Welding
  • FCA (Flux-Cored Arc) Welding

Any part that requires welding will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected, to ensure it is both safe to proceed, where the part is a safety critical item, (see Terms & Conditions below) and that it is not damaged beyond what we would consider to be a viable repair. After that the part is welded according to the base material it is comprised of, to ensure a lasting and professional result and that there is no heat distortion or damage to the area to be repaired. Note that if the surface area in question is painted, this will have to be removed prior to welding, as the heat generated will irreparably damage the paint (see Terms & Conditions below). After any welding has been completed, the part is allowed to cool and the area dressed if necessary. This affords the weld a neat, clean finish.

Terms & Conditions

Parts of a safety critical nature will ONLY be undertaken if, in the express view of our specialist staff, they are in a viable condition for repair and that their structural integrity has not been compromised as a result of any damage presenting itself on inspection. Equally any repairs will only be carried out, if in doing so, the integrity of the part is NOT compromised as a result. We reserve the right to refuse any repair work based on the assessment of a part’s condition, if on our view it would be deemed unsafe to carry such work out.

Painted components are subject to localised damage of the finish, in the area to be welded, due to the heat generated. If you wish to have the area or the component repainted/coated, this is not a part of the welding service we provide but can be undertaken at an additional cost, to restore the part back to its original state. If your parts are comprised of certain metals such as titanium or magnesium, these require particular care. In this instance, we ask that you contact us first to discuss your requirements.