What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials and products that are used by both industries and consumers. The powder coating process uses a solvent free dry mix of plastic resins, pigments and fillers that melt and fuse together when heated. The solid particles of coating are electrostatically charged in a spray gun and carried by low velocity air to the surface of the piece to be coated. The electrostatic charge holds the powder particles in place while the part is cured in an oven at the required temperature. The heat of the oven causes a chemical reaction to occur and the powder to cure, creating a highly durable finish.

We use a variety of colours including RAL and British Standard colours. These come in a variety of finishes including, gloss, satin, matte or fine textured. For more information please get in contact.

Where areas exist that need to stay coating free, we can employ one or more solutions, using either our high temperature masking, that is applied to special surfaces such as holes, threads or high tolerance areas to keep them from being coated, or our high temperature silicon plugs. Where plastic and resin body fillers are concerned, the high oven temperature makes their use problematic. However we can use our own in house specialist fillers but these are restricted to large damaged areas, again because of the oven temperatures involved.

Clear lacquer serves the same purpose as clear coat wet paint. It protects the underlying finish and adds depth and lustre to the surface. Clear lacquer is applied as a second coat and shot while the piece is still hot. Then the piece is returned to the oven for a second curing process. Clear lacquering protects any piece where exposure to the elements could cause it to fade or be subject to damage.

Nowhere else are the benefits of architectural powder coating more evident than on the thousands of commercial, industrial, government, residential, historic and institutional buildings from around the world. For 30 years, powder coating has been the finish of choice for a superior, more colourful, longer lasting and more durable finish. Powder coating is an environmentally friendly process unlike solvent-based wet paint systems. While liquid finishes contain solvents which have pollutants known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), powder coating contains no solvents and releases negligible amounts, if any, of VOCs into the atmosphere. Elimination of VOCs and reduction of wastes saves money and helps companies comply more easily and economically with the regulations of the U.K Environment Agency. In addition, unused or oversprayed powder can be recovered, so any waste is minimal and can be disposed of easily and safely.

Any metal object that can hold an electrostatic charge and withstand the heat of the curing process can be powder coated. Powder can be applied to intricate surfaces and still maintain a uniform finish across the entire piece. Powder coating is ideal for items such as:

Industrial Fabrications • Architectural Signage • Aluminum Extrusions • Trade Show Exhibits • Metal Fencing & Railings • Retail Displays & Fixtures • Patio Furniture • Motorcycle Frames Wheels & Parts • Car Wheels & Parts • Off Road Vehicle Frames & Parts • Bicycle Frames & Parts • Antique Beds, Gliders & Chairs • Large Bird Cages