Testemonial: Chris island(Desperate Dan)


This testemonial is completely unsolicited. I have been a customer of Aerocoats for many years & have always been amazed at thier standard of preparation & finish, not to mention thier fast turnover. I have also constantly been surprised at the way thier standards get better & thier range of finishes & colours constantly increase.
Thier work really proved itself when, in August 2012, I took my Aerocoat-painted Indian race bike to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA, to compete in "Speed Week". Bonneville is an extremely hostile dried lake bed 4,200ft above sea level & covering several hundred thousand acres, & the salt is highly corrosive.
Within days all the zinc plating had returned to bare steel, the chrome wheel rims were beginning to rust, the brand new rear chain looked like it was 100 years old, & the polished aluminium was turning white. The only parts of the bike that didn't corrode were the parts Aerocoat had powder coated.
The frame & many other parts were finished in thier "Chrome" look, & many Americans thought it was nickel plated, they were amazed when I revealed it was powder coated. The same with the red "Candy" paint, everyone thought it was sprayed on & laquered.
So....Aerocoat....I wouldn't even consider using anyone else, try them!
PS, The trip to Bonneville was the subject of a 2-hour BBC documentary, to be shown on BBC 2 in January 2013, look out for it. More to come.........................