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  • Why Choose powdercoat Over paint?


  • How Long Does It Take?

    With all our basic colours (silvers,blacks,graphites,goldetc) We will always endeavour to have them completed withibn 3 working days of them being dropped off to us. If your wheels our being delivered to us by courier and we are returning them to you via courier please allow at least 3 working days for the return postage. More elaborate colours eg aeromax or candy colours please contact us with updated turnaround times as at peak times these can take a bit longer to turnaround

  • The Process

    All wheels are stripped back to bear metal and inspected for any cracks, salt damage, curb damage or buckles. All curb damage is removed we will consult the customer in the occurance of any cracks or buckles being discovered ( refer to FAQ below) Your wheels will then be shot blasted and subsequently bead blasted to re move any grit inclusion. Zinc primer is applied for corrosion protection. Your wheels will then be powder coated in any of the finishes you wish to choose from our extensive range of colours and clear coated. What Happens if my wheels are cracked? Whilst we can arrange for any minor cracks to be welded, we STRONGLY advise a replacement wheel be found and any repair is a temporary measure as any crack will effect the structural integrity of the wheel and is not guaranteed.